12 Set Pastel Earth Tones

12 Set Pastel Earth Tones


ALPHACOLOR® Soft Pastels Landscape 24-StickColors of the environment. Available in 24-count size. A wide variety of shades for landscapes and nature subjects. Soft, velvety smooth and featuring colors that blend easily. Square sticks, 2 3/4" x 7/16", store in reusable plastic tray with lift lid. For paper, cloth, brushed on ceramics and plastercraft. Rich pigmentation, dense consistency, superior quality. CP-approved non-toxic. 24/Set: Black, Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Brown, Dark Brown, Earth, Peach, Gray, Very Light Gray, Dark Green, Emer45790 Green, Light Green, Olive Green, Ochre, Orange, Red, Red Earth, Red-Orange, Deep Turquoise, Violet, White, Yellow, Yellow-Green.


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