2.25oz no.806 Dye-na-flow Brilliant Red

2.25oz no.806 Dye-na-flow Brilliant Red


Dye-Na-Flow is a free flowing, concentrated liquid color for use on any untreated fabric. It will spread on fabric until it is thoroughly absorbed and even. Every fabric has a different flow and spread. It is magical on silk, but it works on any type of fiber, natural and synthetic. On silk it has an even luster. On velvet it is rich. On cotton the color does not alter the feel of the fabric. Dye-Na-Flow is incredibly versatile.It is perfect for silk painting including the serti technique with resist,spray-on tie dye, watercolor, airbrushing,salt technique, spritzing throughstencils, sponge printing and simplified batik or wax resist effects.

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