32x40 Biodegradable White Foam Board 24 pack
32x40 Biodegradable White Foam Board 24 pack 32x40 Biodegradable White Foam Board 24 pack32x40 Biodegradable White Foam Board 24 pack

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32x40 Biodegradable White Foam Board 24 pack


Note: Biodegradable foam board is being phased out by the manufacturer, we are trying to locate an alternative source for this earth friendly product. please contact us at 1-800-YES-4-ART prior to purchasing online.

We at Artsupply.com are thrilled to offer one of our best selling products in a form that fits our commitment to continually expand our "Green" selection of art supplies. Art Materials that are enviroment and human health friendly.

With the exception of its biodegradable properties Biodegradable Foamboard is the same as regular foamboard.This paper-faced memory foamboard has a biodegradable rigid foam center and SFI certified paper liners.This rigid foamboard breaks down in landfills or composting environments in 1 to 5 years. Formulated with not less than 15% recycled content. Biodegradable foamboard will not breakdown until the board is discarded.

It is covered with smooth, bright white paper liners formulated from wood products certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI), the largest forestry products certification program in North America.The biodegradation properties of material samples used in the manufacture of biodegradeable foamboard were tested by an independent laboratory using none ASTM methods, as well as other established tests.

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