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Airbrush Paint

  • Createx Auto Air Airbrush Colors
    Createx Auto Air Airbrush Colors
    Auto Air Colors™ are premium water-based custom paints developed by a leading manufacturer who has over twenty-five years experience in waterborne coatings technologies. Auto Air Colors work well for graphics over existing finishes and for complete paintjobs. Colors are intermixable for a limitless palette of colors & effects not possible with other paint systems.
  • Medea Com
    Medea Com
    All airbrush colours are not the same. Com-Art is considered to be one of the finest and most versatile professional airbrush colours in the world. Because of a common hydro-carbon base binder, Com-Art transparent and opaque colours can be used together without bleeding between colours. This non-toxic, ready to use paint is specifically formulated for use with an airbrush and never needs to be filtered or strained.