Airbrushing is the art of applying paint on to a surface with compressed air forcing pigment through a container which then sprays a fine mist of paint on to the surface. Airbrushing derives from both spray painting and house painting but the airbrush manufacturers have refined the technique so that fine artists can create works of art with an airbrush. The tool itself has been developed and manufactured by companies such as Paasche, Badger, Iwata, Grex, Harder Steenback and others. The compressors are made by these same companies and also the airbrush paint has been formulated by Createx, Badger and others to be thin enough to flow through a very fine airbrush nozzle yet rich enough in pigment to cover opaquely and also have adhesion strength enough to adhere to metal outdoors. Many airbrush artists use their art on motorcycles, cars, boats and vans as well as T shirts and fine art on board and canvas. Shading techniques are particularly adapted to the airbrush and can give a photo-realistic look to a painting.

Airbrush Supplies

  • Airbrushes
    Iwata, Grex, Paashe, Thayer and Chandler, and many more. has been selling airbrushes online since 2003 and we have man people in store to answer your questions. Never hesitate to call us about any airbrush questions.
  • Frisket Film for Airbrush
    Frisket Film for Airbrush
    Frisket masks part of the image while you paint the other part.