Basic Crafting Skills Every Artist Should Know

Certain crafting skills can benefit you more than just knowing their use and utilizing in your art. Basic sewing skills are useful for many kinds of application work, but they also increase your dexterity and fine hand detail skills.

Learning how to accurately cut, shape, and treat wood can expand your artistic skill arsenal by leaps and bounds. For starters, you can learn to make your own frames, saving a potential bundle of money on professional framing. But don't neglect the usefulness of knowing the basics of woodworking: you can create three dimensional forms as the base for you art, podiums to display your artwork in galleries, and use the medium to add structure and form to your repertoire.

Learning to weave adds a flexible skill set to your art. Weaving takes soft mediums and creates a solid but bendable structure, and you can use it for any number of projects.

Stained Glass
Glass work is a whole different medium from what most artists work with, unless you are a glass artist, and because of that, it brings a wonderful range of skills and understanding to your work. The delicacy needed to cut, sand, and adhere glass requires patience and care - all skills that any artist needs to create consistent, high quality work.