Love Makes Us More Creative. So Say We All.

It makes sense that love is an inspiration for artists. Many of the world's most famous artworks were inspired by love, be it love for a person, love for God, or love for the world that surrounds us. Love can be a wonderful muse. But there is more to the relationship between love and art than just inspiration. Love can enhance the creative process, too. Love, it has been said, is a powerful drug.

Many studies have been conducted over the years concerning how the human brain is affected by the feeling of love, and one of the conclusive findings is that love spurs creative insights as well as creative problem solving � two things that any artist knows is necessary to creating truly original and inspired art.

So what about those of us that aren't in love? Are we not as creative? Actually, no. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam found in a 2009 study that simply thinking about love actually improved participants levels of creative insights. The researchers determined that the subjects who reflected on love demonstrated a more "holistic or global processing style" � in other words, focusing on the forest, not the individual trees. Subjects in this same Dutch study who reflected on sex, on the other hand, exhibited a more "detail-oriented or local processing style" better suited to analytical processing, or, to go back to our metaphor, focusing on the trees rather than the forest. The creative process happens when the mind is in the global processing mode, while the mind's local processing mode is more conducive to obtaining direct results.

So, next time you hold your love's hand, take a moment to let your mind wander. The results might just inspire your next great work of art.

Use Your Imagination
Imagining a romantic walk with someone you love, even if that "someone" doesn't exist, has been proven to increase creative thinking. So, go ahead: daydream about Mr. or Miss. Right all you want. Your art will thank you!

Find a Muse
Looking for a way to spur your creativity? Find a muse. Picasso, Rodin, Warhol, and Manet all channeled creative inspiration via a muse. Need a muse that is always with you? Pull a Kahlo, and use yourself. You don't have to paint a self-portrait; just tap into your inner self, and put your feelings into a visual.

Love in Any Form
Romantic love is not the only way to creative inspiration. In many cases, it's all about the little things. Love for a good book, a great cup of coffee, a beloved pet, or a powerful memory are all strong ways to get creative through love.

Love The Environment

We are all inspired by the natural world at one point or another, so honor the muse that is Mother Earth with eco-friendly materials, like recycled art board instead of traditional canvas, and non-toxic mediums. .

Make The Mold

If your love for objects holds your inspiration, use the tools you need to make it repeatable! Create your own models with a casting kit and give your artistic inspiration a form you can count on.

Share Your Art

The best way to show your appreciation for creativity is to give your muse a token of appreciation. Make it, frame it, share it, and then reap the ongoing creative rewards as your love showers you with affection!