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Simple Image Transfers: Paper to Paper Transfers in 3 Easy Steps

Transferring imagery is a great technique for an artist or crafter to know. There are a number of transferring techniques that range from beginner to advanced level, depending on the mediums, transferring surface, and your artistic intent. This transfer technique is simple, and requires only a few tools. It creates very irregular and aesthetically interesting results. The images resulting from this particular technique are usually transparent and patchy, which adds to their character and effect.

You will need the following:
  - Ink jet printer   - Plain printer paper   - Receiving paper   - Polymer gloss medium   - Burnishing tool

Step One: Print Your Image to be Transferred
The first step is to select and print the image you want to transfer. Print your image on an ink jet printer. Remember that transferring images will flip the image, so if you have words, symbols, or other visuals that shouldn't be inverted, print the mirror image of your visual so that it transfers properly. Print it to regular copy paper for more irregular results (or you can print to transfer paper if you want a cleaner, more accurate image)

Step Two: Prepare Your Receiving Paper
Once you have selected your image, now you should prepare your receiving paper for the transfer. (We like simple transfers for our art journals.) Any painting, drawing, or other art techniques that you want to show through the transfer should be applied and allowed to dry before your transfer.

Step Three: Transfer the Image
Now you are ready to transfer. Apply a thin layer of a polymer gloss medium to your receiving paper. Immediately place your image face-down on the gloss medium and burnish it well with a burnishing tool or any other flat edged item that can press the ink from the printer paper to your receiving paper. Once you have burnished the entire image, begin peeling off the printer paper so it does not stick to the polymer medium.

Tip: If some of the printer paper sticks to the image after peeling, allow the polymer layer to dry completely, and then rub the paper deposits off with moistened fingers.

Once the image is dry, you are free to continue your artistic and creative pursuits! There are numerous ways to transfer images with various mediums, so stay tuned for future transferring techniques!