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Simple Valentine Gifts: Handmade with Love

Handmade Cards
At the very least, a handmade card tells your object of affection that you think they are more unique than a pun-laced store bought card with half-hearted, watered down words of love. Take a moment to read our Valentine's ArtTips from last year, all about making cool Valentine's cards that your love will want to hang on the wall as art.

Handmade Blank Books
Bookmaking is an art all in and of itself. You a creating an item that is its own piece of artwork, and that can be used as a canvas for more artistic creation. Our next ArtTips will focus on bookmaking, but the are the basics tenants. First, determine the size of the book you want to make, then choose the paper you want as the pages of your book. You will need something for the book's cover, such as two pieces of covered cardboard, and you will need to determine your binding method, whether it is simple threading, or whether you decide to create a more finished looking book, which would need a binder like glue or rubber cement. Look for our bookmaking email soon!

Framed Prints
If you want to create a simple piece of art for your beloved, such as a hand painted prints or a meaningful photo collage, then finish it off with a nice frame. You can make your own, use a framing kit, or, if you must, you can buy a pre-made frame. Look to incorporate the frame as part of the artwork, either by using similar material, painting it a color within the artwork's color palette, or by using the frame itself in a work that goes beyond the paper or even the frame.

Partner Art
Even if your Valentine isn't an artist, consider creating an artwork that you both work on. Partner art can be a very intimate and wonderful way of connecting with your love, as long as your intentions are to create a loving connection, rather than the perfect piece of art. Include your Valentine in the creation process, and discover what blooms. It could become a beloved tradition (depending on how long your view of a relationship might be!).

Have a creative, happy Valentine's Day, from all of us at ArtSupply!