5 Tips to Keep Your Inspiration Flowing

1. Use The Butt Glue
Once you dedicate a period of time to working on your art, don't let anything distract you. Stay in your workspace, in front of your sketchbook, canvas, or drawing table. Maybe the inspiration comes, maybe it doesn't: the important thing is to dedicate the time to focusing on creativity. Make this a habit, and you will begin to train your brain to open up to that creativity that is inherently within you.

2. Consistency
No one likes the feeling of artist block. It can be frustrating, and that frustration can lead to a real lack of motivation. It becomes a vicious cycle. Combat this cycle by making your time in the studio or at your workspace a consistent practice. Keep your dedicated time to art a consistent part of your daily life to both encourage your creativity, as well as keeping space in your life for when your creativity cup overfloweth.

3. Find Your Optimum Creative Time
Pay attention to when you feel most creative. You might not be a morning person, but that might be exactly when your mind is flowing with inspiration and creativity. Maybe you think of your next art project fit before bed. Take a week to two to study yourself and note at what times of the day you seem to be most connected to your creativity. Maybe it's right after a meal, or after a workout. If you can narrow these times down, then you can determine your best times to get in your workspace and stay there.

4. Keep A Sketchbook Handy
No matter where you are, make sure that you have something at hand to jot down notes about ideas, concepts, and projects. If you like to draw quick sketches of your ideas, then keep small sketchbooks handy around your home, office, or other places where you spend time. Never let a good idea go unwritten!

5. Practice!
This ties in to the butt glue and the consistency tip. So you're putting on the butt glue and staying in your studio for the same amount of time, at the same time, every day. Great! Even if you are feeling creative, or your inspiration isn't coming, keep practicing! Practice your drawing techniques, practice your figure drawing, and practice your technical skills. Keep those creative muscles working, because just like the muscles in your body, you must exercise them to keep them healthy and working the way that you want.