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The Power of Doodling: Stimulate Creation

"Are you paying attention?" This is the common question we all heard as children, either from a teacher or parent when caught doodling instead listening. But actually, we were listening—and remembering better, too.

Doodling isn't just a way to pass the time in a boring meeting; it actually helps our attention stayed tuned in just enough to not daydream and thus keeping our brains engaged. So yes: We are listening.

But doodling is more than a memory aid, or a lovely way to while away the minutes before dinner is served. It can help spark our creativity as well. Doodling gives your brain a place to go when you are devoid of stimulation, or inspiration. We can trundle around in our minds, letting the brain cruise, and actually aiding the creative process by allowing our minds to have original thoughts, without distraction.

And you can doodle in just about every medium. There is the classic pen and ink doodle, but there are also sculpted clay doodles, embroidered doodles, painted doodles, and woven doodles. The doodle, it seems, has staying power and crosses mediums easily.

Everyone seems to be getting in on doodling these days, including Google. Google Doodles have been a hit, inspired as much by technology as by simple themes, or individuals, and bringing art into an extremely accessible and visible arena. For more information, links, ideas, and tutorials, visit

What a Relief

Try a different approach to doodling: Using black paper and white pens or markers, go for a "relief" approach to doodling. Sketch the negative space, instead of sketching your subject. This will force your mind to work differently.

Here's the Skinny

Use a variety of marker sizes to get different line feelings. Nibs that are 1.0, 0.5, 0.3, and even 0.1 make your doodling experience more satisfying. Look for markers with refillable ink to keep your art environmentally conscious!

Use The Good Stuff

Don't doodle a potential masterpiece on a piece of lined notebook, use nice paper. It's not a waste to use good materials, even when doodling – It helps to capture a serendipitous moment of creativity!