The Most Important Tools for Any Artist

Art is an endeavor that can overwhelm you with tools and materials, but regardless of your preferred medium, there are basic tools that every artist should have at their disposal.

A Good Quality Sketchbook (Or Two...)
Whether you are a painter, a sculptor, an illustrator, or a designer, you know that inspiration can strike anywhere. Make sure you remember those moments of brilliance by getting them down on paper. A sketchbook is a MUST for on-the-fly brainstorming, but that isn't the only reason for a great sketchbook that will last. It is a place to work out the details for new artwork, make notes about your favorite materials and products, and keep your drawing hands sharp. Don't leave home without it!

Excellent Drawing Pencils
You really can't beat the feel of a good pen or pencil on the page. There is a reason for the saying "you get what you pay for". When it comes to drawing implements, good quality means smooth, even lines, the ability to create tones with varying pressure, and all other manner of creative needs and abilities. Invest in good pens and pencils, and your sketchbook will be a thing of art all on its own.

Comfortable Workspace
Nothing compares to the feel of a good workspace. A comfortable workspace will mean you can spend long hours creating, and it will become a haven from the rest of the world when you need to focus. Make sure that your workspace includes good lighting, a sturdy work table or desk, and an organizational system that makes sense to you and your needs.

Digital Camera
It cannot be expressed enough: document your work, often and thoroughly! Document your finished pieces, especially of you plan on selling them or giving them as gifts. Also, document your process so that you can create a repeatable system, especially if you are using new processes, materials, or creating your own. Don't be afraid to click away wi this handy artist's tool, especially when you are out and looking for creative inspiration. You will always be glad you did.