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Using Light Boxes and Tables for Art

Light boxes and light tables are traditionally associated with looking at film, slides, transparencies, and other light-sensitive mediums, but they are an amazing tool for other art mediums as well! Explore the possibilities of using a light box in your artistic process, and get inspired by reading through a few of the more mainstream artistic uses we talk about here.

Transferring a drawing from one medium to another is a very common use of a light table, and for good reason! Lit tables make tracing a snap: they ensure better accuracy, better detail, and exact proportions, so if you are looking to use a favorite drawing, design, illustration, or other visual, consider using a light box to make the transfer seamless.

Lettering and calligraphy are beautiful forms of art, so why not use them in your own work? You can achieve a beautiful hand-drawn look to your typography by using a light box behind your guide. Hand drawn, but closer to exact spacing and size. When it comes to lettering, consistency is the key to a successful reproduction.

We have already established what a great tool light tables are for reproduction, and that of course applies to stenciling as well. The more layers that a particular stencil has, the easier it is to line up the various layers, reproduce the stencils accurately, and achieve a much higher level of precision. Also, once you create a stencil, use the light box for every application to almost any medium!

Animators have long used light boxes to see the various stages of a animated sequence coming together, and you can do the same! Use a light tables to make great flip book art, or use it to maintain consistency with any character you dream up!