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The Creative Power of Optimism

The brooding artist is a stereotype that has likely been around as long as art itself, and while the intensity of emotion can be an excellent source for material and create a need for creative expression, it isn't necessary to being an inspired artist. In fact, there are many qualities in one who considers him or herself to be an optimist that contribute to successful artistic foundations. This doesn't mean that you have to paint rainbows and puppies, of course. It is simply an approach to the artist's process that helps reinforce creativity through certain mind sets and circumstances.

Let's leave the cliches about sunny sides and glasses of water for another time, and look at the characteristics of being an optimist that can push our art to the next level.

Solution Seeking
When confronted with any unforeseen situation, an optimist looks for possible solutions, rather than dwelling on the roadblock. A forward looking mentality will always benefit your productivity, and most especially, your creativity: the constant search for solutions is an excellent exercise for your creativity.

Open Minded
Any artist knows the creative benefit to having an open mind; in fact, it is essential to artists to have an open mindset. It is the soil where our creative work takes root. Optimists share this quality, and excising the limits of your mind will certainly expand your capacity for creativity.

Confidence doesn't have to mean a blind belief in oneself, but it does mean a willingness to take more risks because of a belief in yourself. Knowing that you can master a difficult technique is one level for success. When it comes to creativity, having confidence in your own vision and refraining from second guessing yourself will strengthen your creative muscles.

To grow as an artist, we must all be willing to continue to push ourselves and our creativity. Being persistent in your journey for creative growth is a key characteristic for successful artists; we must persist in this journey because there is not an endpoint - it is an ongoing journey.

Being able to roll with the punches is a characteristic that optimists certainly have, and is something any artist can benefit from. An openness to working, creating, and even living is evidence of a person open to new experiences, external influences, can respond to unexpected circumstances, and shows someone that can land on their feet.