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Creative Impulses: The Power of Preparation

The brooding artist is a stereotype that has likely been around as long as art itself, and while the intensity of emotion can be an excellent source for material and create a need for creative expression, it isn't necessary to being an inspired artist. In fact, there are many qualities in one who considers him or herself to be an optimist that contribute to successful artistic foundations. This doesn't mean that you have to paint rainbows and puppies, of course. It is simply an approach to the artist's process that helps reinforce creativity through certain mind sets and circumstances.

Inspiration can strike at any moment. Is your studio ready to accommodate your creative impulses and spontaneous artistic expressions? In this Art Tips, we look at practical ways to set up your studio so that when the inspiration moment happens, you can can act immediately.

Stocked and Ready
One of the most important aspects to impulse creation is to make sure that you have the materials you need in order to execute your vision. Set a regular schedule to check your supply levels so that you can reorder anything that might be running low. The basics are especially important: be sure to keep a good supply of anything that you use often. We recommend you buy the storable basics in bulk; this helps ensure that you will have the foundations when you need them, and buying in bulk saves money.

Creation Stations
A successful approach to a good studio workflow is to have areas dedicated to specific tasks. Separate your work areas based on the various things you do throughout your artistic process. For example, you might have an area dedicated to sketching and brainstorming ideas, another area for the application of fully formed ideas, and a cleaning area for keeping your tools in top condition. Or, you might have your studio separated into wet and dry areas for mixed media work.

The areas you create in your studio are up to you. Your studio should be set up for you and your workflow; how you approach your creative work is a good guide for how you should set up your creation stations. The next time you are working in your studio, take the time to note how you work so that you can organize your space in a way that works just for you.

An Inspiration Station
A huge part of an artist's preparation is getting into the mental space for creating. If you have room in your studio, consider creating an area where you can sit comfortably, observe your works in progress and brainstorming sketches, and can let your mind absorb and process your work.

Many people underestimate the importance of the "downtime" we all need for our brains to work through our thoughts, observations, and feelings. This inspiration area in your workspace can be a place to start this vitally important creative habit. This space can also be the place where you allow yourself to appreciate the creativity that resides within you. So sit back, look around, and enjoy this artistic life that you have chosen.