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Easy Sunday Art Projects: See Thru Art

Sometimes it's hard being a Serious Artist all the time. At Art Supply, we love embracing all sides of being creativity, including the easy, breezy fun side. Let your hair down, and take a little break from your serious artistic side, with this great art project: See Thru Art.

Step One: Find Your Canvas. Er, Or Something
The idea of See Thru Art is to, you know, see through it. We suggest glass or clear Plexiglass for permanency, but transparencies, plastic, and even wax paper can work. Just make sure that you are working on a medium that suits your wants.

Step Two: Choose Your Weapons
This is where you decide what you want to get creative with. Acrylics? Oils? Watercolors? Markers? Ink? Spray paint? You can see that the list is long and glorious, so go for what makes you happy, or what you have in excess.

Step Three: Design Your Artwork
One of the best parts of See Thru Art is that you can see through your canvas! So, measure out a piece of paper that is the same size as your See Thru canvas, and draw your design in pencil so that you can perfect it, then darken the lines with marker to make them as visible as possible.

Step Three: Transfer Your Artwork
It's more like tracing than it is transferring: Lay your clear canvas on top of your design, and paint, draw, ink, or spray away! Depending on the opacity of your medium, you might need to let it dry and follow up with a few more coats.

Step Four: Step Away From the Art
Because you are working on a "canvas" that isn't really a canvas, you should let your artwork dry for at least 24 to 48 hours in a safe place.

Step Five: Hang and Enjoy
Now you can frame your artwork and place it in an area that everyone (or no one, depending on how good it is) will see! And, if you planned the artwork according to, say, a wall color in your house, then the wall color becomes the background color for the finished piece. Brilliant, we know.