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Weekend Art Warrior: Make Your Valentine's Heart Flip

Put down the Hallmark. Step away from the pink and red construction paper, the lacy doilies, and the glitter, and say hello to a real and lasting way to express your affection this Valentine's Day. We all know the power of art; now, make it into a gift to say how much you love that special someone. (We also support making art to keep for yourself. It IS the greatest love of all, after all.)

Handcut Paper
Cutting a heart shape from a piece of paper is probably the one shape most children learn to create in school, but it's time we take paper cutting to a more grown-up level. Take your paper cutting to a figurative place by creating 3D objects out of sturdy card stock, create simple paper heart trains from leftover paper strips to set a mood, break out the hole punches and the stamps, or get detailed with color to convey a more personal message.

Create Dimension
Paper valentines are the traditional way to say I Love You on February 14th, but you can take it further than simply cutting out a heart-shaped message. What about a pop up card? The only tools you need for this simple love message is some nice paper, a ruler, a pair of scissors, and an X-Acto knife.

Keep it Classic
Nothing communicates quite like a classic pen and ink drawings. They can be as simple or as complicated as you like, but the simple approach allows the message to take center stage. We love Martin Refsal's Downton Abbey-inspired valentine.
Tips: Vary the pen tip size to give your work more dimension, and use nice paper.