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Practices In Perspective: Change Your Viewpoint, Charge Your Creativity

Perspective: It's a simple, but powerful, concept. In art, creating depth is the core principle of perspective, but perspective is nothing without a creative viewpoint. Put this into practice by drawing one subject from a variety of viewpoints.

Bird's Eye
Step away from the every day eye level view, and see your world from overhead. Practice drawing your subject from above before you approach a more traditional viewpoint, especially to help grasp the subject's dimensions and depth.

Upside Down
Viewing something upside down forces your eye to focus only on line, tone, shadow, light, and the other fundamentals of vision and depth. This is almost like a palette cleanser, so view your subject upside down if you are troubled with capturing the technicalities of your subject's details.

Close Up
Extreme close up viewpoints are a way to study and immerse oneself in the texture of a subject. And when we say get close, we mean extremely close. Closer than is comfortable. Then, step back in increments and continue your study.

Get Low
Step away from your standing viewpoint, and throw a big sky into a scene. Getting low gets your horizon line low, and this change in viewpoint gives importance to things with height. In fact, the lower you get, the more height is emphasized.

Ant's Eye
Another way to completely change your viewpoint is to view the world, and your subject, from the eye of an ant. Gigantisize normal, everyday things, and give room for your creativity to expand.