We offer Caravaggio, Artfix Linen Masterpiece, Art Alternative and Fredrix,canvas in rolls primed and unprimed.

Canvas Rolls

  • Masterpiece Canvas Rolls
    Masterpiece Canvas Rolls
    Masterpiece Canvas Rolls- Monterey, Yosemite, Sausalito, Carmel, Raw Cotton 7oz., 10oz., #12. Portrait smooth, Acrylic gesso double primed premium cotton canvas.
  • Artfix Linen Canvas Rolls
    Artfix Linen Canvas Rolls
    For over 30 years the Narozni family has been hand crafting premium artists canvases for serious painters, painters who insist on museum quality canvas that has been hand-primed according to time honored methods. These canvases are manufactured in a small village near Venice in Provence, a mecca for artists, who's dry, warm climate is ideal for the slow even drying of primer surfaces
  • Fredrix Canvas Rolls
    Fredrix Canvas Rolls
    Made from selected cotton yarn and coated with acid-free acrylic titanium priming. It is available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your artistic needs. All Fredrix Dixie Canvas is primed in the USA which allows us to have complete control over the priming process.
  • Caravaggio Canvas Rolls
    Caravaggio Canvas Rolls
    Caravaggio Canvasò Milled in Varese, Italy for over 30 years. Europe's top acrylic primed canvas. State of the art priming method delivers consistency. Cotton, Linen, Jute, Polycotton, Cotton Linen, 100% Polyesterò Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Rough, Extra Rough
  • Art Alternative Unprimed Cotton
    Art Alternative Unprimed Cotton
    Premium grade, natural, double fill, close weave, unbleached unprimed artist canvas. Ready for priming with either oil or acrylic primers. Excellent for painting with oils, acrylics or alkyds. 100% cotton.
  • Art Alternative Primed Cotton
    Art Alternative Primed Cotton
    Titanium acrylic gesso triple primed. Archival quality with acid-free sizing. Heavy-weight, premium quality, all-purpose texture, double filled. This very popular uniform weave is a great choice for a wide variety of painting projects. Excellent base for painting with oils, acrylics or alkyds. 100% cotton.