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6 I.D. Zoom Tube

This rugged plastic tube features " protective foam in top and bottom. Extends from 29" to 48" in length with a 6" inside diameter.

(Item Number al_ZOOM6)

 MSRP: $160.00
 YOUR PRICE $114.00

Alvin Black Knight Storage Tube

Alvin Black Knight Storage Tube 4 and 1/4 inch Inner Diameter. Made of durable black plastic, this tube is water resistant, so you can be sure that your documents do not get wet.

(Item Number al_BTR4)

 MSRP: $26.95
 YOUR PRICE $19.20

Plastic Expandable Tube

Axel TubeVery clever new expandable tube made of high density polyethylene. It is water resistant and ultraviolet light proof.

(Item Number al_AXB74)

 MSRP: $26.60
 YOUR PRICE $19.29

Plastic Extender Tube Black

ALVIN Extender TubeThese tubes have a 3" inside diameter and unique design that permits telescoping fromfully closed 18 1/2" length to a fully open 38" length.Twist-lock feature at desired lengths.

(Item Number al_EXT1)

 MSRP: $37.25
 YOUR PRICE $26.54

Plastic Telescoping Tube

Telescoping Plastic Carrying & Storage TubesThese tubes have a 3" inside diameter and unique design that permits telescoping fromfully closed 27" length to fully extended 48 1/2" length.With the new “twist-off” screw cap, a simple clockwise quarter-turn locks the tube at the desired length.

(Item Number al_TS2)

 MSRP: $29.50
 YOUR PRICE $21.02

Plastic Tube Adj 24-39 3 Id

These telescoping tubes adjust in length from 24" to 40" with a 3" inside diameter. Twist-lock adjusts for desired lengths at ¾" increments.

(Item Number al_BAT2)

 MSRP: $33.95
 YOUR PRICE $24.19

Telescoping Document Tube

ALTUBE Expands from 26" to 44", 3-3/4" inside diameter, 4" outside diameter

10 notches for locking desired length
Adjustable strap with red stitching accenting red rings
Perfect for storing and transporting your drawings, plans, blueprints, posters, etc.

(Item Number al_ALTUBE)

 MSRP: $24.50
 YOUR PRICE $17.46

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