Cutting tools such as cutting mats, cutting boards, scissors,large paper cutters, and blades are here at deeply discounted prices. We specialize in presenting the best discounts on all cutting tools and knives, blades paper cutters etc... If you do not see what you are looking for here, please call us at 773 292 2990 and ask for a customer rep.

Cutting Tools

  • Knives
    An assortment of cutting knives and tools for cutting including X-Acto and Olfa knife and Box Cutters
  • Alvin Cutting Mats
    Professional quality for all kinds of graphic arts, hobby, craft, shop and industrial applications, these self-healing and reversible cutting mats are 3mm thick and extra durable.
  • Foam Board Cutters
    Need a special cutter for foam board? We offer three solutions. A large format table mounted foam board cutter called the Javelin by Foster Keencut. This cutter comes in various lenths up to 10 feet and cuts straight lines in the board, like a trimmer. Then we have the Logan Foamwerks cutters that cut holes, circles and grooves in to the foam board and then we offer the excellent Excalibur cutter an upright cutter that cuts foam board as well as mat board and glass, and Sabre, another flat table based cutter.
  • Paper Cutters
    Large scale and office size papar trimmers. Ranging from the large scale Neolt to the handy X-Acto paper and board trimmers.
  • Foster Large Format Cutters
    The Javelin, Evolution E2, Excalibur, Sabre Series 2 and the Javelin Integra large board cutters. For Acrylic Banners, Corrugated Plastic, Fabric & Textiles, Foam Board, Paper, and Tissue.