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Student Drafting Kits for Engineer and Architect

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Architectural Technical Blueprint Kit

(Item Number al_BRK-1A)
 LIST PRICE $49.00
 YOUR PRICE $35.53

Fairgate Fashion Designers Carryall Kit
Nine tools and book in rugged black vinyl z.

 LIST PRICE $175.00
YOUR PRICE: $138.22
ON SALE: $99.00sale item

English Set Number 15101 Contains:

Black Vinyl Zippered Carrying Case

24" Curve Stick

12" Modifi….

 LIST PRICE $135.99
 YOUR PRICE $101.99

a nice compekete kit for a beginner drafting student...see details for complete details.

Beginners Drafting Mechanical Kit

(Item Number al_BDK-1MD)
 LIST PRICE $67.50
 YOUR PRICE $48.94

Contains one each of:

|12" plastic architectural scale |12" x 16" mesh bag |Practice cro….

Beginner S Arch Drafting Kit

(Item Number al_BDK-1A)
 LIST PRICE $64.00
 YOUR PRICE $46.40

Contains everything needed to complete a redesign or remodeling of a house, condo, or apartment. Kit includes a 13"….

Interior Design Drafting Kit

(Item Number al_522130INT)
 LIST PRICE $59.45
 YOUR PRICE $45.78

Engineering Drafting Kit

(Item Number al_BDK-1E)
 LIST PRICE $67.50
 YOUR PRICE $48.94

Alvin Architects' Drafting Kit

Alvin Architects' Drafting Kit

(Item Number al_BDK-1MD)
 LIST PRICE $67.50
 YOUR PRICE $48.94
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