Foam Board

Foam Board is a lightweight stiff board made of a styrofoam center and a slick durable paper surface. Foam boards come in a variety of styles with a wide variety of uses. Most common uses are for signs, mounting posters and product displays. Foam Board comes in many variations that expand the use of this versatile and durable product. Below you will find a wide range of different display boards to fit your projects needs. Feel free to call us with any questions regarding the use and or shipping of these boards.

Comparison Chart of all Display Boards including Foamcore, Gatorboard, and more
for a range of Applications, Warping and Dent Resistances.

  • White Foam Board
    White Foam Board
    White standard foam board ( memory) white paper coating with white core, comes in various sizes and quantity. Memory means the edges do not stay pinched when cut, but spring back to their original thickness. This is due to the type of foam in the core.
  • Black Foam Board
    Black Foam Board
    Black standard ( memory) foam board. Matte black paper surface with black core . Comes in various cut sizes and quantities.
  • Self Adhesive Foam Board
    Self Adhesive Foam Board
    Self Adhesive Foam Board is foam board that is quick and easy to use for mounting photos,signs, and posters etc....Just peel and stick.Initially re-positionable, becoming permanent.
  • Bainbridge Foam Board
    Bainbridge Foam Board

    Bainbridge White Foamboard is ideal for all non-archival mounting purposes.
    Conveniently lightweight yet sturdy enough to resist denting.
    Designed to facilitate clean, crisp cuts and edges.
    Clay-coated for an extra-smooth surface and dual-sided with bright white surfaces.

  • Gator Board
    Gator Board
    Gator Board is much stronger than regular foam board, but is about the same weight. Gator Board has a very rigid melamine and wood fiber veneer surface which is resistant to moisture, unlike foam board which is foam covered with lightweight paper stock.
  • Self Adhesive Foam Board Cut Sizes
    Self Adhesive Foam Board Cut Sizes
    Pre-cut smaller sizes and smaller packs of self adhesive white and black foam board. Ready made for signs.
  • Color Foamboard
    Color Foamboard
    Color Foamcore Boards are manufactured with resilient polystyrene foam cores that are sandwiched between clay coated, paper liners. The color board features a smooth, semi-gloss finish, which provides a terrific screen printable surface. The core has built in memory, allowing it to return to its original thickness after cutting.
  • Acid Free Foam Board
    Acid Free Foam Board
    This specialty Foam Board is totally acid-free. This product features facing paper with a ph between 7.7 and 8.5. It's also made with a calcium carbonate buffer that provides many years of protection against pollutants that cause paper to become weak, brittle or yellow with age.
  • Fome-Cor Board
    Fome-Cor Board
    This is Non Memory Foam Board which when cut retains a closed "pinched " edge. This creates a 'pillowed' effect which is useful for signs and die cut shapes and also for embossing Excellent for architectural models and super-quick mock-ups as well as exhibits and displays. Can be embossed or debossed. Sold by the carton
  • Archival Foam Board
    Archival Foam Board
    Bainbridge ArtCare Acid Free Foam Core Board. Archival Foam board with two sided acid free protection, protects artwork from corroding acids found in regular foam core board. Lightweight, rigid, easy to cut with smooth mounting surfaces.
  • Dibond
    Dibond is a lightweight but rigid and durable aluminum composite material (ACM) two strong sheets of .012" aluminum bonded to a polyethylene core. Easy to work with, easy to cut and join. Dibond Material is painted with a polyester finish that is available in 3mm thickness and in 4'x8', sheet sizes. Comes in colors of white, brushed silver,fine silver and brush bronze.
  • Flame Resistant Foam Board
    Flame Resistant Foam Board
    Flame Resistant Foam Board will not burn after the source of ignition is taken from the foamboard. This Foam Board, though more expensive then regular foamboard is designed to be used where is danger of combustion due to heat or flame.
  • Heat Activated Foam Board
    Heat Activated Foam Board
    As with the self-adhesive boards, this adhesive is archival quality and acid-free and will not yellow with age. Special heat activated coating on one side. Heat activated adhesive is acid and tack free. Use with a dry mounting press to activate the adhesive coating.
  • Jetboard
    Conceived and developed for the digital printing industry. JetMount is an extruded polystyrene foam laminated between 11-point clay-coated paper liners. The foam is enhanced to give a much harder feel, resist dents and provide exceptional durability.
  • Non Memory Foam Board
    Non Memory Foam Board
    Non- memory foam board retains a closed edge when pinched. This creates a 'pillowed' effect which is useful for signs and die cut shapes and also for embossing. This comes from the type of foam that is used in the core of the board. Other then that it looks and feels just like regular white foam board
  • Polystyrene
    Polystyene is one of the most widely used plastics. It is a rigid sheet of plastic which comes in various thicknesses. In the thinner widths it becomes flexible and can be rolled.We sell flat sheets. Flat sheets are used for flatbed printing, screen printing,displays,indoor signage, and for die cutting.
  • Metallic Coated Boards
    Metallic Coated Boards
    The prestige choice for high visual impact interior and exterior signage. A rigid extruded polystyrene core faced on one side with anodized aluminum with a protective release liner and high impact polystyrene on the other side.
  • FiberMate Board
    FiberMate Board
    FiberMate is a 100% recycled high-density fiberboard. If you need a recyclable product for displays or signage products this is the perfect material for you! Excellent Printing Surface.
  • Foam Board With Guide Lines
    Foam Board With Guide Lines
    These boards have faint grid lines that allow for precision placement of attached items and cutting.
  • Plasticore
    A lightweight board made of corrugated plastic. Similar to foam core, but washable and reusable. Less prone to damage. Quite inexpensive and useful for a variety of projects
  • Sintra Board
    Sintra Board
    An affordable, durable, lightweight and moisture resistant acrylic board. Can be cut, routed, machined, heat-formed or bonded. It's easily painted and can be used effectively with vinyl lettering and many adhesives. Great for screen printing, models, displays, exhibit booths, indoor and outdoor signs, and photomounting.
  • Ultra Board
    Ultra Board
    Ultra Board is like Foam Board but with a plastic surface instead of a paper surface. A heavy-duty, all-plastic foam board with high-impact litho-grade polystyrene surface and extruded polystyrene core. Perfect for signage, exhibits, mounting and displays.
  • Falconboard
    Hexacomb Falconboard is the only graphic display board made from reusable, renewable and 100% recyclable kraft paper honeycomb material.
  • Foam Board Cutters
    Foam Board Cutters
    Large format foam board cutters and also Logan Foamwerks shape and hole cutting tools for shaping small pieces of foam board.
  • Foam Board Hangers and Stands
    Foam Board Hangers and Stands
    Cute little stands made from foam board for signs and displays. Also, plastic edges to bring two pieces of foam board together to make a display.
  • Fold Out Display Stands
    Fold Out Display Stands
    Display boards made from foam board usually used for science and photo collage projects.
  • Ryno Board
    Ryno Board
    Ryno Board HD ( Heavy Duty) features a newly formulated, high-compressive foam center that improves the board’s resistance to crushing, warping and denting. Extra-thick, coated-paper adds to Ryno Board HD’s rigidity and structural performance.
  • Z Board
    Z Board
    A matte black foam board 48"x96" x 3/16",with matte black on one side and a white core and white paper backing on the other side. Often called "Z" board.

All About Foam Board!

Not only are there a ton of ways you can use foam board, but there are many different types of foam board. You can find acid free foam board for archival purposes, biodegradable foam board for environmentally conscious use, self adhesive foam board, flame resistant foam board, non memory foam board, or dent-resistant foam board, and the list goes on and on.

We are always hearing about the different uses for foam board from our customers, so we thought we would share just a few of the many creative ways to use this great art tool:

  • Mounting Photos
  • Sculpture
  • Clocks
  • Dollhouse or castle
  • Mobiles
  • Puppets and puppet theatre
  • Game board and game pieces
  • Decorative storage boxes
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Display Cases
  • Frames
  • Light reflector for photography
  • Dartboard
  • 3D Art
  • Holiday Decor
  • Exhibits
  • Presentation display
  • Screen printing
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Architectural models