Drafting and Drawing Tables, Chairs, Lamps and other studio furnture for artist and draftspeople.


  • Drafting and Drawing Tables
    Drafting and Drawing Tables
    Drafting and Drawing Tables 40% discount on Alvin, Mayline,Martin,SMI,Bieffe,Studio Design and more. we are one of the top online retailers of drafting tables. Choose within our extensive collection of drawing and drafting tables or call us to talk with one of our pros who have 30 years experience selling tables.
  • Drafting and Office Chairs and Stools
    Drafting and Office Chairs and Stools

    Alvin Martin and Studio Designs Drafting, Drawing and Office Chairs. Also stools for the studio and office. Discounted 30% off the MSLP. Please call us if you have any questions and also for a bulk rate if you are looking to furnish an entire office.

  • Lamps
    Drafting and office lamps in this department are a wide range from very basic in form and function to multifunctional.
  • Light Tables
    Light Tables
    Light tables for the artist and photographer. We feature Alvin Trace, and Lin light tables.
  • Flat Files
    Flat Files
    Mayline, Safco, Studio Design and Solid wood oak and pine flat files for architecture drawings, drafting and fine art prints.
  • Taborets
    A mobile organizer that can simplify your storage needs. Perfect for home, studio, office or shop use. We have a wide selection, from different manufacturers, ranging from simple to stylish and then beyond into the true furniture realm with the BEST wooden taborets. Also we have the simple plastic carts that are useful in the studio as well.
  • Storage Carts
    Storage Carts
    color Early childhood plastic storage carts useful for so many purposes in the studio, office,home or kitchen
  • Print Racks
    Print Racks
    Alvin and Martin Print racks, wood and metal print racks for fine art prints, magazines etc...
  • Cabinets
    Martin wood storage Cabinets. Modular construction for stack-able expansion