Winsor Newton Color and Calligraphy Inks, Higgins India Ink and FW liquid acrylics


  • Winsor Newton Drawing Inks
    Winsor Newton Drawing Inks
    The range comprises 26 colours including Liquid Indian Ink, a water based solution of traditional Chinese stick ink.
  • Winsor Newton Calligraphy Ink
    Winsor Newton Calligraphy Ink
    Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks offer the widest colour range available for use with a Dip pen or Fountain pen.
  • Higgins Ink
    Higgins Ink
    Intense, super-opaque semi-flat black ink for technical pen, lettering pen, brush or airbrush.
  • FW Ink
    FW Ink
    FW Artists Ink is an acrylic based pigmented water resistant ink in a range of 38 colours.
  • Gamblin Etching Ink
    Gamblin Etching Ink
    Because of their high pigment load, Gamblin Etching Inks are a much better value than lower priced etching inks which are full of extenders. Inks are available in 300 ml cans.
  • Gamblin Relief Ink
    Gamblin Relief Ink
    Gamblin Relief Inks are formulated for all relief techniques, including woodblock, linocut, monotype, and Solarplate. They contain the right amount of stiffness and tack to hold fine detail yet spread evenly on the block or plate. The palette of ten colors is designed to give artists intense pure pigmented colors straight from the jar, along with a wide range of color mixing capabilities.
  • Daler Rowney
    Daler Rowney
    Pro White and Pro Black Ink.Superior covering power. Opaque water colours for use on paper, negatives, acetate and artwork. Use with brush, pen and airbrush; diluted to make perfect washes.