Kids and Art Part One

Posted by artsupply on 8/28/2013 to Art Tips
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Kids and Art: Part One

As Picasso said, every child is an artist. Thinking back to your own childhood, you probably have fond memories of creating. While some have more talent than others, there is a joy in simply choosing the colors to use to fill in your coloring book or drawing rudimentary figures in pencil on a sheet of ordinary paper. Summer is now officially here. The kids are out of school and looking for something to do. (Yeah, can you remember the last time you had the pleasure of saying, "I'm bored?") So now is the time to plan some art projects for the summer to keep the young ones occupied and doing something more productive than video games.

Fortunately, a lot of supplies are designed especially for kids. We'll take a look at a few here that will help open up the artist inside your child. As we were just speaking of the simple joy of filling in a coloring book, let's start there with the kids' classic Crayola Crayons. First, give your kids a full array of colors from which to choose. Go with either the 64-pack or the 96-pack. With that many colors, the children will be occupied for hours making great art. Crayons are great for kids of all ages, too. As they get a bit older, though, Crayola has a whole array of art materials that they can use.

The next step up can be Crayola Washable Markers. As we all know, children sometimes get a bit carried away in their coloring projects, taking it to the nearby floors, walls, and tables. Washable markers are a fantastic choice to help ease your pain a bit when you see that the coffee table handed down for two generations now has an elephant drawn on it with a marker. As kids get a bit older and responsible, the regular Crayola markers will be a good choice. Available in fine point and the standard fatter tip, these markers will help your budding artist to bloom.

An array of coloring books and activity books are especially good for the younger kids, but soon the children will want to create their own images. A good option for sketching, drawing, and just doodling are newsprint pads. Similarly, drawing pads can be useful for aspiring young illustrators. A next step might be to get your child a sketch book. Numerous sketch books can create a sort of art journal for your child. It will be great to hang on to these for posterity.

But back to some more Crayloa products. The company also makes a line of oil pastels that come with a jumbo-sized stick with a tapered point. The oil pastels come in packs of 16, 28, or the 336 classroom size. Perhaps for those even younger is the Crayola So Big Washable watercolors. The set includes four oversized, semi-moist, oval pans and a plastic-handled So Big brush in a plastic box. The bright colors wash easily from skin and most clothing. The colors include red, blue, yellow, and green. This is a perfect item to introduce children to the idea of painting. And to make the painting easier for them and to make them feel like true artists, consider a children's easel.

With summer here, we thought this would be your first foray into art supplies for kids. Consider this part one. Stay tuned next week for more tips on getting kids involved with art.


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