unison pastels

"One of the great advantages of working in pastel is that the medium allows the artist to address both value and color simultaneously... value, depending on the degree of pressure used in its applications." -Sidney Hermel


  • PanPastel
    Each PanPastel Color is loaded with the highest quality artists’ pigments; and is made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder, resulting in rich, ultra soft and low dust colors. PanPastel Colors can be mixed for an infinite palette of colors.
  • PanPastel Sets
    PanPastel Sets
    PanPastels Sets. PanPastels have higher pigment load then regluare pastel stick. Pastel artist will expereince less dust when working with them. The sets come with a balanced palete range from earth tones, to grays, to blues and basic colors. Available in 5,10 and 20 color sets. Click on link for palette swatches.
  • PanPastel Tools and Sponges
    PanPastel Tools and Sponges
    These are tools use with the PanPastel to apply the pigment to the surface. Sponges and other applicators are included here, and are made exclusively for the use of the PanPastel.
  • Pastel Sets
    Pastel Sets
    Artist Pastel Setsfrom Alphacolor, Nupastel, Rembrandt, Unison and more. In convenient carrying cases.
  • Pastel Cases
    Pastel Cases
    Wooden pastel cases for travel. Keeps pastels secure and prevents breaking. Comes with sponge inner liner. a must for the artist in studio or in the fileld
  • Oil Pastels
    Oil Pastels
    Sakura Junior Artist Oil Pastels