Screen printing is a versatile and useful process that all artists, musicians, writers and entrepreneurs wishing to create original art, t-shirts, posters, books, stickers, and product packaging have used for many years . It works by creating a stencil made from an impermeable surface on silk or polyester mesh, where ink is then pressed through the open mesh onto the desired substrate.

We offer several different products that you can use to create a stencil on your screen, such as; photo emulsion, screen drawing fluid, screen filler or frisket. We also offer printing inks that work on most substrates such as; paper, fabric, vinyl or plastic. In addition we also offer complete screen printing kits and all of the accessories necessary to complete your project.

Screen Printing Supplies

  • Speedball Fabric Inks
    Speedball Fabric Inks
    A range of colors to print of fabrics with an opaque, bold color. Dry overnight and remain permanent through the wash.
  • Speedball Water Based Inks
    Speedball Water Based Inks
    Water based inks for printing on paper, board etc...for signs fin art etc.... not water proof, not for use on fabrics you intend to wash.
  • Speedball Drawing Fluid
    Speedball Drawing Fluid
    Applied with brush, the drawing fluid dries,then the entire screen is coated with screen filler.
    When the screen is dry, the drawing fluid can be washed out, allowing the drawn image to be printed.
  • Speedball Squeeges
    Speedball Squeeges
    A selection of squeegees for use with screen printing. Items range depending on material and size desired for print.
  • Speedball Screen Filler
    Speedball Screen Filler
    Screen Filler for blocking out the screen during the sreen making process.
  • Speedball Screen Printing Photo Method
    Speedball Screen Printing Photo Method
    The photographic process gives a photographic realism to the screen printing process. This technique is the most effective and interesting way to transfer photo realistic images to cloth or paper. It is easily achieved a home and this kit comes with everything you need except for the frame and the light source.
  • Speedball Bases
    Speedball Bases
    Speedball® Water Soluble Transparent Extender Base. Designed to create a transparent color. Can mix with any quantity the ink.
  • Jacquard Screen Printing Kit
    Jacquard Screen Printing Kit
    Four 4oz jars of Jacquard Professional Screen Inks (blue, red, black, super opaque white). 4 ounce photo emulsion,1/3 gram diazo sensitizer,3 acetate sheets, (for the fastest and easiest way to prepare image for printing),stir stick, instruction booklet in 3 languages (English, Spanish, & French).
  • Jacquard Screen Printing Inks
    Jacquard Screen Printing Inks
    Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks have good body and screen beautifully with excellent resolution. With a slightly stiff hand they are especially well suited to commercial applications. They will not wrinkle paper when screening art prints.

Screen Printing: Printing with a Silkscreen

In our last Art Tip, we looked at making your own screen using the photo emulsion process. Go check it out on our website for reference. But now, it's on to printing!

Finished silkscreen stencil
Masking tape
T-shirt, or other fabric for printing
Silk screen fabric ink
A piece of foam board or cardboard that fits inside your t-shirt
A squeegee

Prepping to Print
Before you do anything with ink, you need to block off the bare areas of your screen. Use the masking tape on the inside of the frame (sometimes called the squeegee side) to tape over the edges around the hardened emulsifier, and any other spots where you don't want ink to press through.

Put the foam board or cardboard piece inside your t-shirt to stabilize it; the fabric should be straight and smooth over the board, but not stretched. It's also a good idea to secure your t-shirt to your work top so nothing accidentally slides around during the inking step.

Printing the Art
Now it's time to ink your design. Spread your ink about two inches above your art completely across the width, and use the squeegee to slowly, firmly and with strong, solid pressure, push the ink down and over the design. Push the squeegee up, down, side to side, to fully press the ink through the design and onto your t-shirt (or canvas bag, or whatever you're printing on). Slowly pull the screen away from your t-shirt, and let the shirt dry.

Tip: You can adhere the ink to your shirt more permanently by using an iron on its hottest setting to make the fabric color fast a washable. Let the ink dry for two hours, then iron over the top of the design on the hottest setting for about a minute. This will set the ink into the fabric.

Clean the Screen!
Screen printing ink dries pretty quickly, and if you want to use the same silk screen again, then you need to wash it out with cold water immediately after printing so that none of the ink dries in the design.

Tip: Done with your design for good? You can use your screen again! Use an emulsion remover to take the hardened emulsion out of the screen. Then you can create an entirely new design using the same screen.

Now, wear and enjoy your custom screen printed t-shirt with pride!