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Posted by Alissa on 5/13/2013 to Astrology of Art

by Alissa Friedman

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As you may or may not know, I am the newest addition to the Customer Service Team at  We are a tightknit family of artists and creative spirits. We not only place enormous value on our customers gifts and talents, but also on our staffs creativity and passion for helping others.  

My creative bent is seeing art through an Astrological eye.  It's been a fascinating journey ascertaining why artists make the choices they do, and discovering how Astrology unveils many of their hidden secrets. You might even recognize a parallel with your own sign, and gain some insight into the way you look at your art, or at your life as a whole. Fun facts and interesting discoveries abound in this unique look at the artists we love; painters, Illustrators, sculptors, and more.

Since were in the month of Taurus (April 21st through May 20th), I'm featuring one of the most interesting Taureans of them all...

Salvador Dali ~ The Erotic, Complex Taurus

There are few artists that match the originality of Salvador Dali! 

Dali revolutionized art in the 20th century with his fertile imagination and his inimitable style of Surrealism. The question remains, "What type of personality delves into the deeper recesses of the human psyche and, more importantly, looks to stir it up?" The answer became clear when I studied Sigmund Freud, who just like Dali, is born under the Astrological sign of Taurus.  Taureans possess an erotic, aesthetic, complex personality and are obsessed with things they cant control, like the subconscious. So, it's no surprise that Dalis paintings manifest in a dream-like quality, which was clearly represented in his most famous piece called the The Persistence of Memory. These drooping pocket watches suggest the irrelevance of time during sleep.  In other words, when we are asleep, or not conscious, time does not persist, only memories do.  It is this unique perspective that still fascinates us about Dali to this day.

Like Sigmund Freud, Dali found fame through his exploration of erotic desires and the subconscious mind.   The shocking, recalcitrant style of the more flamboyant Taurus, will stimulate one's senses, known well to this personality, and tantalize one's hidden desires. Tauruses not only appreciates aestheticism, but often entrench themselves in the sensual pleasures of life. 

The earthy, practical, stubborn nature we often know as Taurus is far more complex then it appears. They are often afflicted with deep insecurity and polarized brilliance that needs to express itself in a shocking way, in order to glean the attention of society and ease their own inner burdens.   

Fascinating, don't you think?

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