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Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mats

Useful for all types of cutting applications. Useful to protect your desk and countertop.

Professional quality for all kinds of graphic arts, hobby, craft, shop and industrial applications, these self-healing and reversible cutting mats are 3mm thick and extra durable. made from a unique composite vinyl material, designed for both rotary blades and straight utility blades, they provide a long-lasting, non-glare surface that can be cut and slashed constantly without showing marks or cutting lines. Can also be used as a desk blotter or general-purpose work mat.

Printed grid pattern includes guide lines for 45° and 60° angles and 1/2" grid lines All four edges are fully numbered and graduated with 1/8" hash marks that extend beyond the zero base line for convenience MAT sizes 24" x 36", 30" x 42", 36 x 48" include internal horizontal and vertical graduated hash marks Non-stick surface is impervious to abrasions and liquid spills Hanging hole for convenient storage

Alvin cutting mats are available in two versions:

Black on one side, green on the other



Green on one side and black on one side with
a white grid on both sides.
Double Sided



Green with white grid on one side
Black with white grid on the other side

List Price
Our Price
GBM0668 Cutting Mat W Knife 6X8.5 $10.95 $7.12
GBMK812 Cutting Mat W Knife 8.5X12 $14.50 $9.43
GBMK818 Cutting Mat Hobby Kit 12X18 $35.50 $23.08
GBM0305 Cutting Mat Green-Black 3.5X5.5 $4.30 $2.80
GBM0811H Cutting Mat Green Black 8.5X11 $8.70 $5.22
GBM0812 Cutting Mat Green Black 8.5X12 $8.70 $5.66
GBM1218 Cutting Mat Green Black 12X18 $17.10 $11.12
GBM1824 Cutting Mat Green Black 18X24 $31.50 $20.48
GBM1836 Cutting Mat Green-Black 18X36 $44.60 $28.99
GBM2436 Cutting Mat Green Black 24X36 ( on sale) $60.00 $39.00
GBM3042 Cutting Mat Green Black 30X42 $126.00 $81.90
GBM3648 Cutting Mat Green Black 36X48 $147.00 $95.55
GBM4060 Cutting Mat Green Black 40X60 $270.25 $175.66
GBM4080 Cutting Mat Green Black40X80 $328.95 $213.82
GBM4896 Cutting Mat Green Black 48X96 $465.75 $302.74

Translucent Surface with Blue Grid Linescutting mats

Translucent Mat with Grid

List Price
Our Price
TM2205 Cutting Mat Translucent 3.5X5.5 $7.15 $4.65
TM2211H Cutting Mat Translucent 8.5X11 $10.80 $7.02
TM2212 Cutting Mat Translucent 8.5X12 $10.85 $7.05
TM2218 Cutting Mat Translucent 12X18 $21.55 $14.01
TM2224 Cutting Mat Translucent 18X24 $41.95 $27.27
TM2236 Cutting Mat Translucent 24X36 $82.80 $53.82
TM2242 Cutting Mat Translucent 30X42 $141.50 $91.98
TM2248 Cutting Mat Translucent 36X48 $164.50 $106.93