alvin pxb board

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pxb board

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PXB Board

Features include:
Precision-made acrylic straightedge eliminates the need for a T-square and includes an inking edge for clean, smudge-free results with pens, pencils and markers.
Underwire system keeps the blade parallel no matter where it is moved. Adjustable side brackets to accommodate various material thicknesses
Non-slip rubber "Grip-Track" feet on the underside of the board allow the PXB to overhang the table edge at the perfect drawing angle bringing the work surface closer to you.
Foldaway back legs with rubber feet are extremely durable and enable you to use the board in either the flat or angled position.
Warp-free white Melamine® laminated board offers a smooth drawing surface that wipes clean with a damp cloth .
Comfortable carrying handle for convenient portability.
Compact for easy storage out of the way.

The PXB Portable Drawing Board has been improved and upgraded.
The new PXB features a wide variety of changes and improvements:
New straightedge blade with rubberized grip
New metal side brackets for easy lift-and-rock action
Smoother, quieter operation – no more squeaks
Positive braking system holds blade securely where you want it
Stronger legs with improved upright locking design
Improved packaging to ensure each one arrives in perfect condition

PXB Portable Parallel Straightedge Board

PXB provides the convenience of a studio work surface in a compact, portable unit with a rugged, attractive, warp-free white Melamine® laminate surface that offers a smooth, clean drawing surface... anywhere you work. The brushed aluminum finish of the straightedge provides a stain-resistant pressure point. Each board is equipped with spring-loaded hardware to accommodate paper, vellum or cardboard. Tractor feet make it easy to set up on any flat surface. The raised reinforcing bar serves as a convenient pencil ledge, and the parallel straightedge eliminates the need for T-square. The smooth action pulley moves easily, yet is precise.

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PXB21 PXB Board with Parallel Straightedge 16X21 $157.00 $99.00
PXB24 PXB Board with Parallel Straightedge 18X24 $171.00 $110.00
PXB26 PXB Board with Parallel Straightedge 20X26 $178.50 $115.00
PXB31 PXB Board with Parallel Straightedge 23X31 $209.00 $135.00
PXB36 PXB Board with Parallel Straightedge 24X36 $230.00 $149.00
PXB42 PXB Board with Parallel Straightedge 30X42 $270.00 $175.00