Products for the preservation of art and framed materials. Most of these products are manufactured to museum grade standards.


  • Archival Foam Board
    Archival Foam Board
    For framing purposes, acid free foam board is available. It is useful for mounting art work where you do not want an acidic surface to touch your original acid free art paper . This is not a perfect archival solution however as the foam will off gas a bit over time. For perfect archival framing and mounting, we carry Bainbridge Art Care Archival Foam Board, see description at bottom of this page.
  • Archival Print Protectors
    Archival Print Protectors
    Ideal for storing and protecting artwork, photographs, limited edition prints, family heirlooms, maps, plans, old documents and much more. These protectors support and protect contents from stress, dirt, fingerprints, and atmospheric pollutants, and are made from heavy-duty .010" clear polypropylene with reinforced black nylon binding on all sides.
  • Photo Art Bags
    Photo Art Bags
    An economical re-usable archival storage alternative, Photo or Art Bags are manufactured with archival grade 2 mil polypropylene. The resealable, adhesive flap allows repeated easy access to the contents as well seals out dust and dirt. 2millimeter polypropylene protects from fingerprints and acid skin oils while showing the contents.
  • Archival Museum Boxes
    Archival Museum Boxes
    Protect your most valued photographs, documents and artwork with museum quality, acid-free, drop front storage boxes
  • Archival Adhesives
    Archival Adhesives
    Here is a selection of archival materials such as acid free tapes and glues,sheet protectors, framing corners etc, needed to frame your work in a permanent non-yellowing, non-damaging manner.
  • Archival Envelopes
    Archival Envelopes
    The choice of museums for clarity and support L-Velopes are manufactured from archival quality crystal clear polyester. Protect your photos, ephemera, maps and documents safely and easily between sheets of archival polyester using no adhesives.
  • Envelopes
    Ideal for artists or anyone who wants to store or protect important artwork or documents.
  • Tissue
    Archival tissue paper is often used to help protect delicate papers or fabric from acid migration as well as for interleaving, and folding.
  • Clamshell Boxes
    Clamshell Boxes
    Lineco Clamshell Boxes combine color, texture, and design into archival quality boxes with avant-garde appeal.
  • Book Binding Supplies
    Book Binding Supplies
    Cloth, Tape, Awls, and Glues necessary for bookbinding projects
  • Archival CD DVD Sleeves
    Archival CD DVD Sleeves
    Ozone and reactive oxygen can cause the metal layer of CDs/DVDs to break down and oxidize, making it unreadable. Corrosion Intercept protects against this failure. The unique design of the CD preservers provide full visibility of the label side of the disc while protecting the data side.
  • Archival Digital Print Sleeves
    Archival Digital Print Sleeves
    Archival print sleeves protect prints from moisture, fingerprints, scratching, dirt and harmful airborne pollutants.