Canvas in Rolls, Stretched Canvas, Stretcher Bars and Surfaces

Artist Canvas, in rolls, pre-stretched on bars in all sizes. Linen, cotton, primed, unprimed, various brands and thicknesses. Also Stretcher Bars, Pliers,Canvas Panels,Gesso Board etc...We always offer a discount and excellent customer service.Call us for any questions regarding shipping of oversize canvas.

  • Canvas For Inkjet Printers
    Canvas For Inkjet Printers
    All Fredrix Desktop Inkjet Canvas is made especially for your desktop printer. Some desktop printers will deliver better quality than others, but Fredrix® Desktop Inkjet Canvas is recommended for use on HP®, Epson®, Lexmark®, Canon® and other printers.
  • Canvas Stretched Kits
    Canvas Stretched Kits
    SAME CANVAS SMALLER FOOTPRINT IN YOUR STORE. This is a new system of stretching canvas. It enables us to ship you a large canvas that you put together yourself, as opposed to the already made canvas which would cost 5 times as much to ship. It is of the ecommerce age.
  • Fredrix Raw Canvas Bagged
    Fredrix Raw Canvas Bagged
    Fredrix® Canvas Blankets are unprimed cotton in varied weights up to 12oz. The same high quality canvas you trust from Fredrix®, folded into a convenient blanket. The fold lines are easily ironed out before use.
  • Art Alternative Prestretched Canvas
    Art Alternative Prestretched Canvas
    Several varieties to choose from. From the standard economy to linen plus economy packs.
  • Canvas Concepts
    Canvas Concepts
    Triangle and Hexagon Stretched Canvas wraps around and is neatly tucked into a groove.
  • Masterpiece Prestretched Canvas
    Masterpiece Prestretched Canvas
    All Masterpiece canvas is made-to-order, and subject to a 1-2 week delay before shipment . An representative will contact you regarding your order's estimated ship date.
  • Canvas Rolls
    Canvas Rolls
    We offer Caravaggio, Artfix Linen, Fredrix,and standard cotton canvas, primed and unprimed.
  • Canvas and Wood Panels
    Canvas and Wood Panels
    Canvas Panels are the inexpensive way to paint on real canvas. They are cotton or linen canvas adhered to a hard card board. The Eko canvas panels are different. They are a hard board , very rigid and durable with canvas adhered to it.
  • Canvas Pads
    Canvas Pads
    There are ten sheets of medium-weight, archival quality, acid-free canvas per pad, each primed with acrylic gesso. Suitable for oils, acrylics, pastels and mixed media.
  • Stretcher Bars
    Stretcher Bars
    Lightweight, Medium Weight and Heavy Duty. Art Alternative, Best and Fredrix Brand
  • Clayboard
    This museum quality panel is coated with a smooth absorbent clay ground comparable to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance. Archival, light fast, and acid free, the panels are ideal for acrylics, gouache, tempera, egg tempera, pen and inks as well as for mixed media techniques, airbrush, and collage.
  • Golden Ratio Canvas from Masterpiece
    Golden Ratio Canvas from Masterpiece
    Canvas in the classic proportion of the 'Golden Rectangle'
  • Jack Richeson Gessoboard Panels
    Jack Richeson Gessoboard Panels
    Richeson spent two years in the development of our Gesso Panels,resulting in a strong warp-resistant tempered panel. These panels are coated with a high quality acrylic gesso using a two coat water fall system for the perfect lightly toothy finished surface.