drawing hands by escher

ArtSupply offers a wide assortment of drawing supplies for the professional artist as well as the student and classroom. Our drawing supplies range from the simple 2h pencil, to pencil sets, charcoal graphite and fixitive supplies. We also have a full range of pose-able manikins for drawing studies and conte,blending stumps,proportional wheels, erasers,color pencils etc.. also look to our drawing paper department for the surfaces you want to draw on.


  • Graphite Sticks
    Graphite Sticks
    Graphite Sticks for drawing and sketching, General's and Art Alternative brands.
  • Artists Crayons
    Artists Crayons
    Lyra Artist Crayons and NeoPastels Water Resistant and Water Soluble Crayons.

      Lyra Crayons


  • Graphite Pencils
    Graphite Pencils
    Regular Pencils...like the standard No2 you used in school, but so many more numbers, which means hardness which means how faint or heavy the line is. Drawing pencils....
  • Pencil Sharpeners
    Pencil Sharpeners
    Standard hand held pencil sharpener to the old school crank to electric pencil sharpeners from Panasonic and Boston.
  • Blending Stumps
    Blending Stumps
    Blending stumps, tortillions, and chamois cloth for blending charcoal, graphite and pastels.
  • China Markers
    China Markers
    The grease pencil, a wax writing tool also known as a wax pencil, china marker, (or chinagraph pencil in the United Kingdom), is made of hardened colored wax and is useful for marking on hard, glossy non-porous surfaces.
  • Erasers
    Pink Pearl, Kneaded Erasers, Erasing Shields, Refills for Eraser Pens
  • Dusting Brushes
    Dusting Brushes
    Constructed of soft, sterilized 100% horsehair, soft and useful for many applications.
  • Drawing and Clip Boards
    Drawing and Clip Boards
    Gridded Sketch Boards and Wooden Drawing boards with or without metal edges.