Artist Paint Brushes 25-40% off. Winsor and Newton, Princeton and Jack Richeson paint brushes,sable, and natural hair brushes as well as synthetic bristles for watercolors ,oils, and acrylic paint .

  • Winsor Newton Eclipse Brushes
    Winsor Newton Eclipse Brushes
    This brush offers a number of additional unique features. Firstly it has a double-bodied handle which provides exceptional balance and comfort. It is sculpted to offer a balanced grip at the tail as well as below the ferrule making it perfect for both easel painting and "close in" work.
  • Winsor Newton Artisan Brushes
    Winsor Newton Artisan Brushes
    Artisan brushes have been specifically designed to have the performance characteristics of hog bristle yet maintain their spring and shape when in contact with water, particularly during long painting sessions with water mixable oil colours. Developed with a unique blend of high quality synthetic fibres, the brushes are strong and durable and are perfect for working with thick, full bodied colour straight from the tube.
  • Richeson Extreme Kolinsky Sable Brushes
    Richeson Extreme Kolinsky Sable Brushes
    Richeson has sought out the world’s finest brush maker to produce a Kolinsky watercolor brush that will exceed the dreams and demands of the most discriminating painter. Each brush is carefully created by hand using only the highest possible percentage of male hair.
  • Richeson Sable Brushes
    Richeson Sable Brushes
    Round, Bright and Filbert Pure Red Sable Brushes from Jack Richeson Company
  • Richeson Synthetic Brushes for Oil and Acrylic
    Richeson Synthetic Brushes for Oil and Acrylic
    40% off List Price
    The hi-tech world has now developed a magnificent fiber that will take the place of bristle when working with acrylics and oils.
  • Signature Bristle Brushes
    Signature Bristle Brushes
    Signatureö brushes are hand-made with quality bristle. The interlocked bristle is set in polished, seamless ferrules and carefully fitted to long, black lacquered handles.
  • Liquitex Free Style Brush
    Liquitex Free Style Brush
    This assortment of 44 brushes and 36 knives encompasses both innovative and unique large sizes perfect for large expressive applications as well as smaller brushes and knives perfect for more traditional painting techniques.
  • Hake Brushes
    Hake Brushes
    Hake brushes are uniquely designed for application of thin coats employing a flat as well as wide design in order to evenly and carefully disperse mediums.
  • Brush Holders
    Brush Holders
    Various Brush Holders from simple cloth to wooden boxes to keep your brush tips safe.