• Acrylic Paint
    Acrylic Paint is water soluble paint developed in the 1940's with the advancement of plastics. It is good for schools and other places where a simple water wash up is required. Many professionals use acrylic paint now as well, and the Golden company has developed the mediums to extend the uses of acrylics so try and rival the use of oil paint.
  • Oil Paint
    Oil paint is the traditional medium of the Masters and is still considered to be the medium most used by professionals. It blends well, dries slowly and has the richness of oil sheen as opposed the plastic sheen of most acrylic paints. Used with many mediums to extend it's functionality.
  • Watercolors
    Watercolor paint is a transparent paint which thins and mixes with water. It is not completely permanent when dry and if re-whetted it will run again. It is useful for beautiful subtle layer effects and is considered a major artistic painting medium.
  • Airbrush Paint
    A thin paint to be used with an airbrush. Our knowledgeable staff will happily answer your most technical questions regarding the right use and application of Createx and other airbrush paint.
  • Casein
    Casein is a quick-drying, milk-based paint with a matte finish.Nine thousand year old Casein cave paintings have been discovered in Asia, and later, the medium was used by Byzantine, Roman and Renaissance artists including the Old Masters.
  • Gouache
    Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint. It has a matte finish and is not permanent when dry. Used mainly by designers doing illustrations.
  • Fabric Paint and Dye
    Fabric paint and dye for fabrics, t-shirts etc... We featured Jacquard a California based innovator in fabric paints and techniques.
  • Body Paint Make up and Tattoo
    These paints are developed especially for the application of skin. Therefore they are not permanent and non toxic. The tattoo inks are permanent.
  • Painting Supplies
    Here you will find and wide verity of Palettes, Brush Cleaners, Palette Knives and Palette Cups .
  • Aerosols

    Montana spray paint is made with next generation modified synthetic resins and has been developed to meet the highest demands from the fine arts market, and is also adaptable to the needs of interior and exterior decoration.