Artograph Light Tracer 10X12

Artograph Light Tracer 10X12


ARTOGRAPH® Lightracer® Art and Craft Light Box The fast and easy way to transfer designs and patterns for: embossing and stenciling, quilting and needlework, stained glass, calligraphy and lettering, keepsake creations, viewing and visualizing. The Lightracer™ is also ideal for helping students do art projects for school or play. Features a 10" x 12" conveniently slanted surface, illuminated by a long life “daylight” fluorescent lamp (included). Portable and lightweight, only 2 lbs.

Artograph is pleased to announce a new, improved edition of the popular LightTracer light box series, is now available.

The new LED LightTracer and LED LightTracer2 now shine with dazzlingly bright LEDs. With maintenance-free gradient illumination from 5000 to 14,000 lux across the slanted surface, these new LightTracers are the brightest light boxes available.

The LightTracers are entirely made in the USA, assembled in Artograph’s Delano, Minnesota factory, with parts made by other local Midwest companies. Not only is the quality higher than ever, but the products’ profile is ever more green and efficient. Even the cartons are locally made from 100% recycled materials.


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