Clear Granular Gel 16 oz
Clear Granular Gel 16 oz

Clear Granular Gel 16 oz


Golden Gels & Molding Pastes are tools that can be manipulated by artists to achieve a great variety of effects and expressions. Even though acrylic colors are offered in various different consistencies and finishes, the use of gels and molding pastes in conjunction with such colors will broaden the working properties and expand on the possible results.Gels can be thought of as colorless paints, as they are composed of similar polymers as are the acrylic paints. They may be considered the "glue" or binder that dry to form continuous, durable films. They are made of 100% acrylic polymers which have proven to have excellent flexibility and chemical, water and ultraviolet radiation resistance.Pastes contain Marble Dust or Diatomatious Earth, clays or other fillers resulting in a white or clay-tone finish.

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