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Poplar Trees- Claude Monet

Environmentally Conscious "green" products made with renewable or sustainable resources.

Services are provided by some of chicago's top craftsman using "green" materials
what is a sustainable or renewable resource? Here are a few different definitions.
-a resource or substance, such as a forest, that can be replenished through natural or artificial means.

-A natural resource that can be replenished by natural means at rates comparable to its rate of consumption.

-A resource that can renew or replace itself and, therefore, with proper management, can be harvested indefinitely.

- A resource that can regenerate itself through biological reproduction or through biogeophysical cycles, such as forest, grassland, wildlife, soil, and water. Other examples of renewable resources include solar, thermal, and wind energy.
Sustainable Resource: Using resources such as trees and wildlife in a way that ensures they will not become extinct but will be protected to flourish for the benefit of future generations.

Products are produced using "green" materials. For something to be considered "green" it must consist or be made with 80% recycled materials.


Poplar Stretcher Bars

Poplar wood cures in 10 years which makes it a sustainable resource.
These stretchers are 1 1/8 inch thick kiln dried poplar with a 12 degree bevel and 12" corner braces. One artist insists, "these stretchers are as sturdy as furniture." While slightly overstated, they are certainly suitable for stretching. I'm sure you'll love them.
Corner Braces are made with either Wheat Board or Sky Blend which are form45790ehyde free, unlike MDF.

Prices depend on the job.
Prices for stretcher any thickness or depth up to 2"

Please call or E-mail your specifications for quotes and orders

winsor newton  artist watercolor


Strecher bars, FRONT and BACK

Baltic Birch panels

Not considered to be 100% "green"
The birch veneer provides a nice smooth surface for painting. The 1/4" plywood is both light and stable. The corner braces and cross braces make them extremely durable. Some artists like to stretch canvas over them. Others appreciate the hard surface when shipping or the clean look of the cradle.

Prices for stretcher any thickness or depth from 1, 1/8" - 2"
Please call or E-mail your specifications for quotes and orders

winsor newton  artist watercolor

Hand Milled Bamboo Wood

Bamboo wood , hardwood milled in chicago, utilizing the Chicago area's urban forest, a sustainable resource.