Here you will find a wide variety of professional drafting supplies including drafting tables, leads, kits machines, vyco, compass, straight edge, t squares, rulers, tape and more.


  • Rulers
    These wood rulers have both inch and centimeter calibrations and feature a single hole for hanging.
  • Triangles
    Triangles come either in 30-60-90 degree angles or 45-90 degree angles. Also available are triangles with an inking edge for ruling pens. We feature Lance triangles as well as steel triangles for professional use and art Alternative triangles for student use.
  • Straight Edges
    Straight Edges
    Stainless Steel Straight Edge. 2 inch wide x .093 inch thick. Features include a beveled edge and convenient hanging hole. Durable, with satin, non-glare finish. Used for cutting and ruling mats, paper, leather, glass, etc.
  • Compass Parts
    Compass Parts
    Various replacement parts , extension bars and points for compasses.
  • Compasses
    Various Compass for Drafting and Drawing, also compass sets.
  • T-Squares
    A nice selection of T squares, steel, plastic,aluminum, with see thru edges and without, many sizes available.
  • French Curves
    French Curves
    French curves and french curve sets.
  • PXB Parallel Boards
    PXB Parallel Boards
    PXB provides the convenience of a studio work surface in a compact, portable unit with a rugged, attractive, warp-free white MelamineĀ« laminate surface that offers a smooth, clean drawing surface... anywhere you work.
  • Drafting Tape
    Drafting Tape
    Drafting tape , drafting dots and strips.
  • 2mm Lead
    2mm Lead

    2mm Drawing Leads. Can be used with any standard lead holder.

    2mm Lead Holders

  • Adjustable Triangles
    Adjustable Triangles
    Adjustable Triangles for Drawing and Drafting, we feature different triangles from Alvin and Art Alternatives as well as the Lance and True Angle Maker. Also with or without an inking edge.
  • Alumicolor Triangles
    Alumicolor Triangles
    Alumicolor's Calibrated Triangles are made of tempered aluminum. Photo anodized calibrations are part of the finish and will not clean or rub off. Ultra smooth finish will not mar your work surface. matte silver color. Handy circle template cut outs.
  • Adjustable Curves
    Adjustable Curves
    Alvin and Art Alternative Flexible Adjustable Curves for drawing.
  • Balsa and Basswoood
    Balsa and Basswoood
    Balsa and Basswood strips in various sizes. Great for models and other craft projects. Balsa wood is light and soft but very strong and daily cut and shaped. Basswood while still soft, is a bit stronger and tends to hold its shape more than Balsa.
  • Calipers and Micrometers
    Calipers and Micrometers
    Alvin calipers and micrometers, precise measuring tools for professional use. Gradations to a 1/1000 of an inch. See each product details for exact description of the Calipers and Micrometers.
  • Dividers for Drafting and Drawing
    Dividers for Drafting and Drawing
    Dividers have self centering gearhead design with replaceable needle points. Durable, matte nickel finish resists stains and tarnishing.
  • Drafting Kits
    Drafting Kits
    Student Drafting Kits for Engineers and Architects
  • Geometry Sets
    Geometry Sets
    Student compass and ruler sets with pouch that fits into 3 ring binders.,
  • Martin PEB Parallel Boards
    Martin PEB Parallel Boards
    The Martin Prodraft Parallel Straightedge Kit is the premier item in its class. The only Parallel Straightedge Board utilizing an Anti-warp Aluminum body straightedge for strength, and stability.
  • Protractors
    Protractors are often used in architecture and mechanical drawing to measure and draw precise angles.
  • Ruling Pens
    Ruling Pens
    Hardened nickel-plated steel nib with black plastic handle.