Eco House Extra Mild Citrus Thinner

Eco House Extra Mild Citrus Thinner


# 115 Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner A Solvent must be capable of dissolving resins, oils, waxes and fats. This means that vital human organs are at risk when volatile solvents enter the body by inhalation. The most toxic compounds in low-grade petroleum solvents are aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, which also cause their obnoxious smell. Because Eco-House wants the consumer to be able to make an "educated choice" regarding potential health risks, we list all ingredients on product labels. Our gradual-strength solvent system allows to minimize exposure to harsh solvents. There is no technical "one-fits-all" solvent without avoidable health risks. Eco-House Extra Mild Citrus Thinner combines the solving action of natural orange peel oil in food quality with highly purified mineral oils, which are 100% volatile and free of aggressive aromatics. Isoparaffinic mineral oils are commonly used in pharmaceuticals, baby oils, sun tan lotions, hairsprays and in animal feed. According to a study conducted by the American National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association, they are by far less involved in the formation of smog than any other solvent due to their chemical inertness. Natural orange peel oil in food quality is the actual solvent component. It is used in small amounts in order to reduce the risk of a sensitizing effect.


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