Eco House Natural Orange Terpene Solvent

Eco House Natural Orange Terpene Solvent


# 915 Natural Orange Terpene Solvent The most potent solvent in the Eco-House solvent system. Technically, this product can be a full - fledged substitute for turpentine, since it dissolves damar resin solids, hardened paint etc. However, like many natural essential oils it can have a sensitizing effect on sensitive persons if it is used too liberally. Therefore it should be used only in well-vented areas for those tasks where it's use is unavoidable. # 915 Natural Orange Terpene Solvent is mixable with other Eco-House solvents ( # 115 Extra-Mild CitrusCleaner and # 125 Neutral Thin Odorless Thinner ) in any desired ratio. Solvents turn paint solids into a paintable paste. They dissolve resins, oils, waxes and fats. But they are also capable to harm vital fat tissue in the human body, i.e. by definition, a solvent can not be totally harmless . However, not always the most aggressive solvent available is required to do the job. Therefore ECO-HOUSE created a 3-part solvent system consisting of solvents & thinners of gradual strength. They allow the painter to make a well-targeted choice regarding the solvent potency and the associated health risks. All Eco-House solvents are free of aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.


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