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White Foam Board

White Foam Board

All types and sizes of white foam board. 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch thickness. Custom Cut packages and full sheets. Memory and Non-Memory available

Black Foam Board

Black Surface and Core

Black core board with a black matte paper surface. Custom Cut packages and full sheets in various thicknesses.

Self Adhesive Foam Board

Hi and Low Tack

Custom Cut sizes and well as full cases and sheets of self adhesive foam board. Many brands and styles to choose from.

Gator Board

Stronger then foam board

Gator Board is stronger then foam board but about the same weight. Made to withstand moisture, warping, and denting.

Acid Free Foam Board

For Archival Projects

Archival cotton rag as well as buffered acid-free foam board useful in picturing framing and other archival purposes.

Color Foam Board

Many colors to choose from

For more decorative displays and for craft projects. Shiny color surface on one side, white core and white backing.

Sintra Board

PVC Board

Sintra board, also known as PVC board, is a durable flexible inexpensive polyvinyl board. Available in colors and black and white and assorted thicknesses.

Plasticore Board

Corrugated Plastic

A lightweight board made of corrugated plastic. Similar to foam core, but washable and reusable. Less prone to damage. Quite inexpensive and useful for a variety of projects.

Ultra Board

The Ultimate Foam Board

Ultra Board is a heavy-duty, all-plastic foam board with high-impact litho-grade polystyrene surface and extruded polystyrene core. Perfect for signage, exhibits, mounting and displays. Also available with an anodized aluminum surface.

Ryno Board

Heavy Duty Foam Board

Ryno Board HD ( Heavy Duty) features a high-compressive foam center that improves the board’s resistance to crushing, warping and denting. Extra-thick, coated-paper adds to Ryno Board's rigidity and structural performance.


Aluminum Surface

Dibond is a lightweight but rigid and durable aluminum composite material bonded to a polyethylene core. Dibond is durable, rigid,flame and weather resistant.Easy to work with, easy to cut and join. Comes in colors of white, brushed silver, fine silver and brushed bronze.


Flat Sheets

It is a rigid sheet of plastic which comes in various thicknesses. In the thinner widths it becomes flexible and can be rolled.We sell flat sheets. Flat sheets are used for flatbed printing, screen printing,displays,indoor signage, and for die cutting..


Renewable Material

Hexacomb Falconboard is the only graphic display board made from reusable, renewable and 100% recyclable kraft paper honeycomb material.

FiberMate Board

100% recycled

FiberMate is a 100% recycled high-density fiberboard. If you need a recyclable product for displays or signage products this is the perfect material for you! Excellent printing surface.



Natural and biodegradable Taskboard is made of sustainable forestry wood and can be sanded just like wood. Unique fiber stratification process ensures structural stability yet enables forming over steam.

Z Board

Matte Black and White

A matte black foam board 48"x96" x 3/16",with matte black paper on one side and a white core and white paper backing on the other side. Often used by photographers as a non-glare backdrop for photo shoots.Often called "Z" board.

Fome-Cor Brand

Non Memory

This is Non Memory Foam Board which when cut retains a closed "pinched " edge. This creates a 'pillowed' effect which is useful for signs and die cut shapes and also for embossing.

Flame Resistant Foam Board

Will not burn

Flame Resistant Foam Board will not burn after the source of ignition is taken from the foamboard. Designed to be used where is danger of combustion due to heat or flame.

Jet Board

For Digital Printing

Developed for the digital printing industry. JetMount is an extruded polystyrene foam laminated between 11-point clay-coated paper liners. Resists dents and provides exceptional durability.

Heat Activated

For Heat Presses

Special heat activated adhesive coating on foam board, used in dry mount presses, to heat mount prints to boards. Heat activated adhesive is acid-free and tack- free.

Large Foam Board Cutters

Foster Cutters

The combination of the the Javelin 2 cutter and the Big Bench Xtra, creates the ultimate precision cutting table. Versatile production cutter system available 44" up to 124" lengths..

Small Foam Board Cutters

Logan Foam Werks

Logan foam board cutters for cutting small detailed shapes in foam board.

Science Project Boards

Three Side Panels

The classic 3 panel science project board. Folds open, folds closed.

Foam Board Stands

Lineco Easel Backs

Lineco self adhesive easel backs to make your signs stand up. Many sizes. Choose from black or white.