Large Foam Board Cutters

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Javelin Series 2 Large Format Foam Board,
Card Board, and Paper Cutters*
(*note: The Keencut Javelin and Javelin Xtra cutters have been replaced by
the Keencut Javelin 2 series cutters)

foam board cutter 

Extreme Accuracy for cutting Popups, Banners, PVC Foamboard, Textiles & More. 
5 year general warranty on all parts (except blades) and a 20 year warranty on the bearings.
Made in England.

Javelin Series 2
The accuracy of the Javelin Series 2 makes it ideal for cutting banner materials, pop-ups and other display materials
that require precise and accurate cutting to within .008" over the full length of the cut. With this precise cutter, you
can eliminate gaps and wasted material.

The Javelin Series 2 features a new, high-performance cutting head design that relies on robust Graphik blades with
a cutting depth of up to 1/2". These unique reversible blades cater to both left and right-handed operators.
  It is designed for use as a portable unit or for an even more precise cut, add the optional Lift & Hold Mechanisim to your work bench allowing you to turn your existing work surface into a precision cutting station.  The lift and hold is recommended for cutters up to 80".

The Javelin Series 2 is equipped with lift stands to support the unit between cuts and enable easy placement of work.
Full length silicon rubber grip strips ensure all work is clamped when cutting and also protect the surface of the material being cut.


Combine the Javelin SERIES 2 with the
Big Bench Xtra and it creates a complete precision cutting table.

ALL Keencut products include a 5 year warrenty ( excluding blades,clamp strips, site line strips and cutting wheels) and a 20 year warrenty on bearings.

Graphik blades Foam Board and
Card Board up to 1/2 inch depth.
Mat board and Cardboard
Corrugated Plastics
Sintra up to 1/4"
Vinyl and Plastic Film

 large foam board cutter head

The Javelin Series 2 features a new, high
performance cutting head design that can
accommodate an easy-to-change 45mm
textile blade holder,( optional #60397)
the Graphik blade holder
and a medium-duty blade holder.

Call if you have further questions

Outstanding Features of the Javelin SERIES 2:

Feature 1
  • Vertical high-performance cutting head.

  • Fully equipped and includes Graphik blades.

  • Reversible Graphik Blades cater to both left and right-handed operators.

  • Optional Twist Lift Device ( Item # 60970 ) provides a simple and convenient lift and hold solution.

  • Two full length silicone grip cords protect and clamp your materials.

  • Safe and efficient blade ejector also doubles as a cut depth gauge.

  • Can be used in conjunction with the Big Bench Xtra or the independentSurface Mounted Lift & Hold bracket.

Features also Include:High-grade polymer bearing system for lasting accuracy

  • Combine with the Big Bench Xtrafor a precision cutting station

  • Accurate to within .008"

  • Includes a box of 100 Medium Duty Utility Blades, 25 Graphik Blades and Textile Cutting Wheel

  • 5 year general warranty

  • 20 year warranty on the bearings

  • 100% Manufactured in the UK

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JAVELIN SERIES 2 44 INCH LARGE FORMAT CUTTER $745.00 $670.50 foam board cutter
JAVELIN SERIES 2 64 INCH LARGE FORMAT CUTTER $795.00 $715.50 foam board cutter
JAVELIN SERIES 2 84 INCH LARGE FORMAT CUTTER $865.00 $778.50 foam board cutter
JAVELIN SERIES 2 104 INCH LARGE FORMAT CUTTER $1,060.00 $954.00 foam board cutter
JAVELIN SERIES 2 124 INCH LARGE FORMAT CUTTER $1,225.00 $1,102.50 foam board cutter

foster keencut big bench xtra

Big Bench Xtra for the Foster Keencut Javelin, Javelin Xtra, Practik or Max Cutters.

This is the bench and the lift and hold mechanism.The Cutter is not included. The Cutters must be purchased seperately.

The combination of the Big Bench or Big Bench Xtra with the choice of the Javelin, Javelin Xtra, Practik or Max creates the ultimate precision cutting table. The stability of the Big Bench with individual level adjustment on each leg provides a firm and flat work surface to ensure extreme accuracy.
With concealed corner fixings, built in cutting base plate and integral Lift & Hold system the Big Bench is a stylish and practical addition to every workshop where precise cutting is essential.
The Big Bench and Big Bench Xtra is offered in lengths to accept all sizes of Javelin, Javelin Xtra, Practik or Max Cutter bars.
Special order sizes and additional shelf fittings are available as an option. Big Bench is simple to assemble and the unique assembly system is rigid and secure.
Worktop Not Included, 3/4" MDF Board Recommended

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Javelin Cutters or Big Bench Xtra
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Big Bench XTRA 44 inch $745.00 $640.00 foam board cutter
Big Bench XTRA 64 inch $820.00 $738.00 foam board cutter
Big Bench XTRA 84 inch $1,080.00 $972.00 foam board cutter
Big Bench XTRA 104 inch $1,155.00 $1,039.50 foam board cutter
Big Bench XTRA 124 inch $1,230.00 $1,107.00 foam board cutter


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shipping large foam board truck


Do you need foam board in large sheets? Gator Board in large sheets? We specialize in shipping Foam Board and Gator Board in sizes 40 x 60 and 48 x 96 and any custom cut sizes in between. UPS damages boards this size. We don't use UPS,we freight ship them on pallets and our warehouse are located throughout the country so you get the best shipment rate in the shortest amount of time.

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Are you wondering which board is for you? Look here for a comparison chart of all our boards for all types of applications and conditions. If you still are not sure, call our customer service department at 1-800-YES-4-ART

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We have knowledgeable staff on our phones, just call us and we can help you with custom cuts, custom shapes, shipping quotes, and choosing the right board for your project.

javelein foam board cutter

The Javelin Large Board Cutter
to easily cut down the largest foam boards .

Logan Foamwerks Foam Board shape cutters for cutting shapes and grooves in to foam board.

alvin cutting mats for foam board

Alvin cutting mats as a self healing cutting surface for cutting down foam board