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Bainbridge Foam Board

White on White Core Premium Foam Board

Bainbridge White Foamboard is ideal for all non-archival mounting purposes.
Conveniently lightweight yet sturdy enough to resist denting.
Designed to facilitate clean, crisp cuts and edges.
Clay-coated for an extra-smooth surface and dual-sided with bright white surfaces.
Available in popular widths and sizes.
All Bainbridge foamboards are CFC-free.

acid free foamcore

Custom Cuts: please note:

Special cuts may be short up to 1/8". Let us know if you need your sizes exact, you may receive less pieces.


ID Number Name List Price Your Price select quantity
after adding to cart
CC2030.3C Bainbridge White Foam Board 20x30 3/16" 
carton of 50
$377.82 $111.63 add to cart
CC2030.2C Bainbridge White Foam Board 20x30 1/8" 
carton of 50
$377.82 $111.63 add to cart
CC2030.5C Bainbridge White Foam Board 20x30 1/2" 
carton of 10
$114.27 $67.55 add to cart
CC2436.3C Bainbridge White Foam Board 24x36 x3/16 
carton of 25
$272.78 $92.51 add to cart
CC2436.2C Bainbridge White Foam Board 24x36 x1/8" 
carton of 25
$272.78 $92.51 add to cart
CC30403 Bainbridge White Foam Board 30x40 x3/16"
carton of 25
$352.92 $127.03 add to cart
CC30402 Bainbridge White Foam Board 30x40x 1/8"
carton of 25
$352.92 $127.03 add to cart
CC30423C Bainbridge White Foam Board 30x42x 3/16"
carton of 25
$368.66 $147.03 add to cart
CC32402-8 Bainbridge White Foam Board 32x40x 1/8" 
carton of 25
$376.96 $119.00 add to cart
CC32403 Bainbridge White Foam Board 32x40x3/16"
carton of 25
$376.96 $119.00


shipping large foam board truck


Do you need foam board in large sheets? Gator Board in large sheets? We specialize in shipping Foam Board and Gator Board in sizes 40 x 60 and 48 x 96 and any custom cut sizes in between. UPS damages boards this size. We don't use UPS,we freight ship them on pallets and our warehouse are located throughout the country so you get the best shipment rate in the shortest amount of time.

comparison chart of different foam boards


Are you wondering which board is for you? Look here for a comparison chart of all our boards for all types of applications and conditions. If you still are not sure, call our customer service department at 1-800-YES-4-ART

customer service


We have knowledgeable staff on our phones, just call us and we can help you with custom cuts, custom shapes, shipping quotes, and choosing the right board for your project.

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