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Cotton Rag Archival Foam Board

cotton rag foamcore board

Bainbridge 100% Cotton Alpha Rag Foam Board

When archival quality mounting is needed,
this specialty foam board gives a commanding performence.

Its facing paper on each side has
a pH of 8.2 +/- .5 and a calcium carbonate buffer.

Constructed with pure, naturally white cotton fibers,
this Foam Board contains no lignin, alum or harsh chemicals .

Custom Cuts: please note:

Special cuts may be short up to 1/8". Let us know if you need your sizes exact, you may receive less pieces.

ID Number White 100% Cotton Rag Foam Board
25 Pack
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25 Pack
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25 Pack
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AR32402C 32x40x1/8 inch 25 sheets $399.75 $199.95
AR32403C 32x40x3/16& inch 25 sheets
$399.75 $199.95
AR40602C 40x60x1/8 inch 25 sheets $700.00 $385.00
AR40603C 40x60x3/16& inch 25 sheets
$700.00 $385.00