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Sturdy Board

Hunt Sturdy Board

Hunt White Sturdy Board® Foam Board
Also know as Elmers Board lightweight, rigid and versatile.
Its polystyrene core has built-in memory so that cut edges return
to their original thickness. Made with 35% post consumer content.

Meets governement regulations for recycled foamboard.
Its clay-coated paper is bonded front and back
to provide an ultra-smoothsurface for painting, printing and decorating.

Sold in cartons only.

Elmers (formerly Hunt Sturdy Board™ foam board )is the perfect board
for all of your signs, projects and presentations! Made with recycled content
It's lightweight but durable and strong.
Sturdy Board is easily cut with an X-ACTO® knife to create
multi-dimensional models and exhibits.
Use paints, markers and adhesives to create an exciting sign, presentation or project.

Sturdy Board foam board is ideal for signs, presentations, displays,
craft projects, and school projects.
It is strong and rigid yet lightweight and easily cut with an X-ACTO knife.
It is the better alternative to poster board and stands up
so your work stands out.
Sturdy Board is available in a variety of sizes for all your needs.

Sturdy Board features a rigid foam center with smooth,
clay-coated paper surface sheets on the top and bottom.
Sturdy Board is ideal for building models, prototypes, and mock-ups.

sturdy board

White surface with clay-coated paper (smooth finish) White paper with white core

Custom Cuts: please note:

Special cuts may be short up to 1/8". Let us know if you need your sizes exact, you may receive less pieces.


Item Number Hunt Bienfang Sturdy Board List
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BF950-109 White Foam Board 3/16 x 20X30   25 pack $139.00 $74.00 add discount sturdy board to cart
BF900-105 White Foam Board 3/16 x 24X36   25 pack $174.00 $84.00 add discount sturdy board to cart
BF950-510 White Foam Board 3/16 x 30X40   25 pack $229.00 $114.00 add discount sturdy board to cart
BF900-111 White Foam Board 3/16 x32X40   25 pack $205.00 $126.00 add discount sturdy board to cart
BF900-130 White Foam Board 1/8 x 32X40   25 pack $293.98 $126.00 add discount sturdy board to cart
BF950-102 White Foam Board 3/16 x 40X60 25 pack $426.00 $213.00 add discount sturdy board to cart
BF900-131 White Foam Board  1/8 x 40X60   25 pack $507.98 $217.00 add discount sturdy board to cart
BF900-103 White Foam Board 3/16 x 48X96  25 pack $640.00 $370.00 add discount sturdy board to cart

Black Sturdy Foam Board

Hunt Black -on- Black® Sturdy Board® Foam Board
The dramatic impact of this board makes it ideal for impression-making projects. It features the darkest, smoothest black paper, bonded front and back to a core of black polystyrene foam. It has incredible depth and richness of color - and there's no need to cover or disguise cut edges because this board is solid black through and through. Black-on-Black® Sturdy Board® is available in various sizes of 3/16"

Black paper with black core

item numberBlack Sturdy Board
3/16th inch thick
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BF951-120 Black Foam Board 3/16 20X30 10 pack $95.00 $42.00 add discount sturdy board to cart
BF901-121 Black Foam Board 3/16 32X40  25 pack $347.50 $148.00 add discount sturdy board to cart


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Foam Board Department


shipping large foam board truck


Do you need foam board in large sheets? Gator Board in large sheets? We specialize in shipping Foam Board and Gator Board in sizes 40 x 60 and 48 x 96 and any custom cut sizes inbetween. UPS damages boards this size. We don't use UPS,we freight ship them on pallets and our warehouse are located throughout the country so you get the best shipment rate in the shortest amount of time.

comparison chart of different foam boards


Are you wondering which board is for you? Look here for a comparison chart of all our boards for all types of applications and conditions. If you still are not sure, call our customer service department at 1-800-YES-4-ART

customer service


We have knowledable staff on our phones, just call us and we can help you with custom cuts, custom shapes, shipping quotes, and choosing the right board for your project.

javelein foam board cutter

The Javelein Large Board Cutter
to easily cut down the largest foam boards .

Logan Foamwerks Foam Board shape cutters for cutting shapes and grooves in to foam board.

alvin cutting mats for foam board

Alvin cutting mats as a self healing cutting surface for cutting down foam board