Acrylic Sprays

The famous Krylon Crystal Clear and Kyrlon Matte acrylic sprays. To spray on a protective acrylic coating on craft projects, artwork, and paintings. Easier then brushing and leaves no brush marks. Useful in many other applications. Some artists use it for permanent protective coating on drawings and pastels as well.
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Krylon Matte Finish 11 oz Can
(Item Number sls-kr1311)

Krylon Matte Finish provides a permanent protective non gloss acrylic finish for artwork, arts and crafts and paintings.

MSRP: $11.60


Krylon Workable Fixitive 11 oz. Can
(Item Number sls-kr1306 )

Workable Fixative Spray. (ACID-FREE). A matte finish coating especially formulated for use with pastel, charcoal and pencil; perfect for drawings, sketches and layouts.

MSRP: $11.80