Lascaux Artist Acrylic Paint

lascaux acrylic paint tubes

Swiss made Lascaux Artist Acrylic Paint

A high-quality acrylic paint applicable in art and decoration. This thick artist’s paint is suitable for all painting techniques, and lends itself to both indoor and outdoor use. Practically every nuance of colour is able to be attained with this balanced assortment of 54 hues. The outstanding colouristic properties of Lascaux Artist meets the highest of expectations.


Maximum pigmentation, lightfast, age-resistant and non-yellowing, optimally weather-resistant, water-resistant when dry, very good film flexibility, minimal colour difference between wet and dry, semi-matt finish, consistency : smooth and thick opacity : ranges from transparent to opaque, depending upon colour tone (pigmentation,) painting properties: smooth buttery and soft, precision application with brush and palette-knife, adhesion,: optimal on practically any fat-free surface usage: highly concentrated and economical.

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