Montana Can Silencer

Enjoy the silence! Spray silencer.

MUTE is a magnetic spray can silencer, able to quit any noise caused by the mixing steel ball inside the can. Made by Neodymium, the most powerful solution available, Mute offers the strongest magnetic effect together with the minimum weight and size.

It works easy and fast: just approach the device to the can and move slowly the can in order to make the ball caught by Mute.

Mute is compatible with all Montana Colors spray cans.MTN Mute Magnet Can Silencer
Shake well the spray can.
Approach slowly Mute to the spray can, until noticing the magnetic attraction which will automatically fixes the device.
Shake slowly the spray can in order to move the mixing ball closer to Mute.
The ball will get caught immediately.
Keep Mute away from electronic devices and magnetic cards.
Handle Mute carefully and keep it away from children.
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